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Holguín-Balogh shows Billy’s charm as well as his disregard for Ambrosia’s passion and weaves a compelling blend of truth and fiction. The reader not only gets a view of the abject poverty that governs Ambrosia’s life, but also of its deep spiritual roots and underlying passion. - AMAZON REVIEW -SuZreader

The writing is gritty and brutal but the author manages to show glimpses of the beauty in Ambrosia’s harsh Nineteenth Century existence. There are lyrical and beautiful phrases on almost every page and Holguin-Balogh is a master at painting a vivid picture with her words. AMAZON VINE REVIEWER - Happy Camper

Facts and Fiction From Old New Mexico - Loretta Miles Tollefson -

A gem in the desert! Rosary without Beads is an on-the-edge-of-your-seat sort of novel. Teenager Ambrosia Salazar, trapped in a traditional 1850's world where distinct lines are drawn between women's and men's roles, is tormented by the desire to be her own person, the shameful demise of her sister, the care of a retarded sister, death of her mother, and assumed marriage to a neighboring boy. When William Bonney chances by, she falls for him - hard. Written in multilayers, Rosary without Beads puts the reader in the middle of the Lincoln County War and rural life in southern New Mexico where a farmer/rancher is indebted to a merciless landowner. Be sure to allow plenty of reading time -- the novel is hard to put down.

Melody Groves, Roundup Magazine, Western Writers of America.

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