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About   Diana

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tin red chili.jpg

After a career in academia, Diana began literary writing. Her first manuscript, Shadowboxing Lupe's Ghost, was named Top of the Mountain Book Award finalist for Northern Colorado Writers. In this novel, a young Hispanic boy's comes of age during New Mexico's  turbulent 60's.


Rosary Without Beads, her second novel, is set in 1877, Billy the Kid era. Many childhood Fourth of Julys in Lincoln, New Mexico celebrated Billy. After a cousin’s funeral in Mescalero, N M, her brother showed her the graves of Shotgun Roberts and Dick Brewer. Buried near the old Blazer’s Mill, Brewer, a Regulator, reposed with his killer, a  House fighter. Hispanic women loved the bilingual Kid. Historical fiction possibilities fascinated her, thus Rosary Without Beads. An Alma Mater interview:


Another passions is chili. On the following subpage, she shares her favorite recipes.

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